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#22241 Responding to Abuse - Getting it Right Workshop
27-Mar-2018 ~ 27-Mar-2018
This interactive workshop is aimed at providing attendees with the tools and context needed to develop a quality framework that safeguards against abuse in the first instance, in addition to outlining the appropriate steps to be taken when abuse has occurred (or is alleged to have occurred). This course will ensure all attendees develop a strong understanding of the potential for abuse within their organisation, and the steps that can be taken to mitigate this. Attendees will also gain the necessary skills and awareness of the appropriate steps required when managing allegations of abuse and the notion of timeliness to respond in addition to the thoroughness of the approach that should be taken. This workshop will also discuss the role of human rights in responding to abuse. 
#22242 Responding to Abuse - Getting it Right Workshop
28-Mar-2018 ~ 28-Mar-2018
#22192 WA Disability Support Awards 2018
28-Apr-2018 ~ 28-Apr-2018
National Disability Services (NDS), in partnership with the Disability Services Commission, has established the WA Disability Support Awards. The WA Disability Support Awards recognise and reward people who provide the highest standard of support to increase the quality of life and inclusion of people with disability.