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#21911 Stepping UP – Staff Supervision and Development
21-Aug-2017 ~ 22-Aug-2017
This practical and interactive two-day workshop will help you develop and implement a robust set of leadership tools that you can use in your workplace to positively influence the work culture, values and ethics of the teams your supervise. 
#21926 Voices for Inclusion – Join the Conversation
25-Aug-2017 ~ 25-Aug-2017
Discuss challenges and opportunities for inter-sector engagement to promote inclusion of people with disability in community and civic life. 
#21964 Transition to Work for People with Disability using the Customised Employment Approach and Discovery Process
07-Sep-2017 ~ 07-Sep-2017
People with disability have the capacity and ability to take part in meaningful work of their choice when provided with the right employment strategies and supports. With the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) currently being trialled in Western Australia, and an expected full rollout of the scheme by 2018, people with disability particularly those with significant disability are now seeking transition to work supports that incorporate a Customised Employment approach. 
#21912 Applied Human Rights Training For Frontline Staff
19-Sep-2017 ~ 19-Sep-2017
Don’t miss this interactive workshop which will further develop your understanding of human rights. 
#21951 Demystifying Values Based Recruitment
20-Sep-2017 ~ 10-Oct-2017
#21960 Writing Winning Business Cases and Proposals
21-Sep-2017 ~ 21-Sep-2017
#21967 Why do people behave in challenging ways, and what can we do?
24-Oct-2017 ~ 21-Nov-2017